Centre for Organizational Health & Safety

Centre for Organization Health & Safety (COHS) has been established to guide and manage certification programs for various sectors with a targeted approach to improve the overall safety & hygiene mechanisms in the organization.

Such certification programs shall render community confidence and will help the organization to focus on the operations without worrying about the health and safety of its stakeholders.

The COHS standards and framework is governed by the advisory board that approves the standards and guidelines and provides advisory support and directives to COHS programs. The board members are highly respected individuals from various fraternities including healthcare, hotels and restaurants, IT and various other industries.

COHS certification and accreditation programs are structured in accordance with the national and international guidelines which includes frameworks from WHO, CDC and Quality Council of India. We have a pool of empanelled surveyors with specific expertise and experience in various industrial sectors.

COHS has been established by its parent organization Medigence Solutions Pvt. Ltd. which is a leading healthcare consulting firm. Medigence has been a driving force for many healthcare organizations to implement quality standards in their organizations which include following stringent protocols related to infection control, hygiene and safety. The team has highly experienced experts in healthcare and now with a vision to extend the same level of implementation COHS has been organized to bring specific standards and protocols for the business organizations and institutions.


To assist and levitate the organizations by providing health and safety guidelines through a structured framework of certification, accreditation, consultation, education, & proactive management.


To become most preferred and leading Centre for health, hygiene & safety, guidelines, framework, certification, accreditation, and effective management